Friday, September 16, 2011

my way or the highway

We have all had to at some point had to deal with people like this and hated it. Do it this way or I will make life miserable for you. Anyone who is in a position of authority can do it. Could be a politician, a religious leader, a boss, a parent, a spouse or just the guy with the bigger car on the road.
Admit it, it is tempting. This is what was done to me when I was less powerful so I can do it to you.
And giving in to that temptation is what has lead to the chaotic situation that we are in today. Everyone who has the power wants to control minds. What is bizarre that hardly anyone is complaining.
Someone thinks Harivanshrai Bachchan's "madhushala" should not be read. Tomorrow it could be Ghalib or Shakespeare.
Or someone ask for your passport to decide whether you are the right guy to watch a Shahrukh Khan film.
Or whether your religious leader would "allow" you to cheer for Dhoni.
What's the world coming to?
It's bad enough that kids are intimidated and told that not just dad but even god and Buddha baba will harm you if you're not good.
So you toe the line.
So that you get the right job and partner
And a flat in the building that will have you.
If that's not bad enough, despite praying 3, 4, 5 times a day and paying your taxes, now it's someone else who will decide the city you are permitted to live in, the movies you can watch and the books you can read.
Some one else will also form your opinion on who the good guys and villains are.
The one who screams the loudest gets heard.
Everyone just follows because it's easy. Safety in numbers and all that jazz.
And this vegetable like exisitence will continue till someone else decides it's pack up time for you.
Could be a doctor, an astrologer, a banker or a terrorist. Or shani baba on some news channel
So wake up and smell the coffee
look at the life you want to live
As osho said, don't be the couch potato who will not even be missed by the tv set once he is gone….

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