Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ten minutes

They get into the car from different sides and slam the doors. He revs up the engine and hits the accelerator He: we have exactly ten minutes to get there She: (angry) I know will you hurry up now, Shiv could be dead by the time we get there He: (screaming) will you shut the fuck up! You and your bloody negativity She: get off my case and get me to the hospital fast. Shiv shouldn’t have been on a bike to begin with He: calm down yaar. He is 42 and is capable of handling his life She: (voice breaking) well he has come close to losing it now, what exactly did that person say? He: what I told you 10 times, that mine was the last dialed number on his phone and he was found hurt on the road, some people put him into an auto and got him to the hospital. He is in the ICU and serious. She: (sobbing) he is your best friend and mine too. W,,wwe (choking) cant bear to…. He: listen stop it, stop it now, we will be there in a minute, just keep shut. She: you know you’re just…. I don’t even now why I am still with you @@@@@ They get into the car from different sides and slam the doors. He revs up the engine and hits the accelerator He: we have exactly ten minutes to get there She: (can here the laughter in her voice) I know and this is the best drive I’ve been for in my life He: (teasing) so let’s drive down to Khandala, we can get married some other time She: (mock anger) shut up, just shut up and (sings) get me to the church in time He: eh… it’s actually the registerar’s office we are going to madam. And we have a lot of explaining to do about why both of us have come to get married in jeans She: I know yaar, even if you had told me in the morning I would have worn a salwaar kameez to work He: (laughing) you want to go back? She: don’t be silly. Listen, I hope your phone has enough battery to take some pictures. He: I think we shouldn’t take pictures, you’re having a bad hair day She: (laughing) you just have this knack of talking rubbish. Don’t even know why I’m still with you @@@@@ They get into the car from different sides and slam the doors. He revs up the engine and hits the accelerator He: we have exactly ten minutes to get there She: with your driving we will take forever and miss the flight, let me drive, come on He: relax, I am in control. Just worried why have they called us to sunil’s school She: I took the call in front of you. The headmaster said he is fine, some disciplinary issues He: you think our son is on drugs or something? She: shut up. Must be just some pranks all growing boys play He: They would not call parents from delhi for some prank. You also know that She: let’s just go there and find out please? It’s hard enough that my only son is in trouble, I don’t need your non stop nagging to add to that. Come on, cant you see the signal has turned green, dammit He: (shaking his head) if only you hadn’t run away with that actor, we would never have sent sunil away. All this would never have happened She: what? You’re bringing THAT up now? I cant believe I came back to you. Don’t even know why I’m still with you. @@@@@@@

Monday, June 23, 2014

out of the closet!

Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking, it is about the stuff that’s asking for your attention hidden somewhere in your closet. I have to confess I am a hoarder but then am I the only one! I have improved by leaps and bounds and now I actually chuck away magazines that I have read, even if they have an article I may want to re read at some point. I donate novels that I have already read. Look at expiry dates and junk away stuff from the kitchen…even things I picked up in stores abroad thinking cinnamon flavoured almond fudge was what the family needed for a year The problem is with clothes, shoes, bags and could I give away the dupatta I loved when I was 18 or a bag that still looks chic? The problem is am running out of space but that I could solve or so I thought…then I read a quote in Paulo Coehlo’s “brida” that made sense. It said that your old stuff has your energy trapped in it and if you don’t use it you are blocking the flow of energy. That’s not permissible and so the logical side of me is going to take out the purple heels, the pink earrings, the faux diamond clutch and wear it…maybe it all once. Once I actually see how ridiculous those things look today maybe the emotional side of me will let go. And then when I see a cupboard that’s not looking like a war zone, I can go out and shop in peace!!! My husband is the best. He has taught me all this. I am nothing without him. He does so much for me. Infact he has very graciously thought of and keyed in this para while I’m away. While I went in to steady my heart beat at the thought of de cluttering see what the husband did, should I work on his closet too???

Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Friday evening…

“I don’t want to take this call” I said and started walking away from the room. My husband held my hand and asked me to take it. Thank god for caller ids, her name flashed. A woman who made me uncomfortable all my adult life. I spoke to her… and realized I had grown up. She no longer held any power over me because as I spoke to her I could see that I had given her the power and she no longer had my permission to make me feel small. Maybe it was my age, my stage in life. Maybe the fact that I knew fear and loss, having lost people close to me. Maybe it was faith that made me stronger. Maybe it was the fact that the smaller petty things, the approvals seemed so inconsequential today. Whatever it was, I am glad it helped me let the kid in me smile and say “hey that one isn’t a push over any more”!

Friday, June 20, 2014

stuff that works for me

news you can use stuff i heard and that works for me, try it if you like! 1.if you have high blood pressure, see a doc and don't stop the medication, till he tells you to. small things that i tried and did work for me are: ~ totally eliminated packaged stuff, pickles,ketchup and papads. ~the day have had a rough day, sleep with my feet on a pillow ~read something inspirational or listen to soothing music just before i sleep ~walk everyday....everyday! 2.a friend who runs a successful business gave me a tip that hit home: the median point. the quality of your work needs to be great and if you pick up some stuff just because the bucks are great but the work is average, it's fine but stop as soon as something seems crappy, taking that up can hurt your business far too much. 3. charge your phone on the airplane mode, charges faster 4. carry yoghurt with you to work and eat it as a snack between meals, works much better than biscuits or junk. 5.eating nuts makes sense as a snack and they are easy to carry, almonds are not so high in calories unless they are fried or salted. is great to boost your memory and it tastes soooo good. i love mine black and without sugar :-) 7.never ever use a pesticide in an aerosol can in the kitchen while your cooking, can cause an explosion. 8.if you smell a gas leak when you enter home, open all the windows but DO NOT switch on the light till the smell is gone. of the reason we get backaches is because we exercise the front muscles a lot and not the back, do 40 to 50 back stretches a day, any time, anywhere. swimming is the best exercise that uses all your muscles.