Friday, June 20, 2014

stuff that works for me

news you can use stuff i heard and that works for me, try it if you like! 1.if you have high blood pressure, see a doc and don't stop the medication, till he tells you to. small things that i tried and did work for me are: ~ totally eliminated packaged stuff, pickles,ketchup and papads. ~the day have had a rough day, sleep with my feet on a pillow ~read something inspirational or listen to soothing music just before i sleep ~walk everyday....everyday! 2.a friend who runs a successful business gave me a tip that hit home: the median point. the quality of your work needs to be great and if you pick up some stuff just because the bucks are great but the work is average, it's fine but stop as soon as something seems crappy, taking that up can hurt your business far too much. 3. charge your phone on the airplane mode, charges faster 4. carry yoghurt with you to work and eat it as a snack between meals, works much better than biscuits or junk. 5.eating nuts makes sense as a snack and they are easy to carry, almonds are not so high in calories unless they are fried or salted. is great to boost your memory and it tastes soooo good. i love mine black and without sugar :-) 7.never ever use a pesticide in an aerosol can in the kitchen while your cooking, can cause an explosion. 8.if you smell a gas leak when you enter home, open all the windows but DO NOT switch on the light till the smell is gone. of the reason we get backaches is because we exercise the front muscles a lot and not the back, do 40 to 50 back stretches a day, any time, anywhere. swimming is the best exercise that uses all your muscles.

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