Monday, June 23, 2014

out of the closet!

Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking, it is about the stuff that’s asking for your attention hidden somewhere in your closet. I have to confess I am a hoarder but then am I the only one! I have improved by leaps and bounds and now I actually chuck away magazines that I have read, even if they have an article I may want to re read at some point. I donate novels that I have already read. Look at expiry dates and junk away stuff from the kitchen…even things I picked up in stores abroad thinking cinnamon flavoured almond fudge was what the family needed for a year The problem is with clothes, shoes, bags and could I give away the dupatta I loved when I was 18 or a bag that still looks chic? The problem is am running out of space but that I could solve or so I thought…then I read a quote in Paulo Coehlo’s “brida” that made sense. It said that your old stuff has your energy trapped in it and if you don’t use it you are blocking the flow of energy. That’s not permissible and so the logical side of me is going to take out the purple heels, the pink earrings, the faux diamond clutch and wear it…maybe it all once. Once I actually see how ridiculous those things look today maybe the emotional side of me will let go. And then when I see a cupboard that’s not looking like a war zone, I can go out and shop in peace!!! My husband is the best. He has taught me all this. I am nothing without him. He does so much for me. Infact he has very graciously thought of and keyed in this para while I’m away. While I went in to steady my heart beat at the thought of de cluttering see what the husband did, should I work on his closet too???

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