Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Friday evening…

“I don’t want to take this call” I said and started walking away from the room. My husband held my hand and asked me to take it. Thank god for caller ids, her name flashed. A woman who made me uncomfortable all my adult life. I spoke to her… and realized I had grown up. She no longer held any power over me because as I spoke to her I could see that I had given her the power and she no longer had my permission to make me feel small. Maybe it was my age, my stage in life. Maybe the fact that I knew fear and loss, having lost people close to me. Maybe it was faith that made me stronger. Maybe it was the fact that the smaller petty things, the approvals seemed so inconsequential today. Whatever it was, I am glad it helped me let the kid in me smile and say “hey that one isn’t a push over any more”!

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