Monday, January 16, 2012

Friends and Lovers

She: you know what, I don’t think we should work together
He: even if I promise not to be such a brat?!!!
She: that’s not the point, it will ruin our friendship
He: think of how wonderful it will be to kiss and make up. Besides I’d like to see you crack the whip
She: don’t you ever get it?

A month later
He: who the hell do you think you are? What were trying to prove????
She: I was doing my job and I was well within my rights to question you
He: ya right! In front of ten people? And don’t you dare start the “I told you so” number
She: and why am I supposed to make concessions for you?
He: coz we are friends, or at least I thought we were…

Two months later

She: I don’t want another coffee, can we please go home
He: ok babe, just that I want you to know that am really sorry, I screwed up
She: I have heard that before and honestly I am tired, I need to sleep
He: My wonderful back massage is what you need. Come on lets go home
She: I am going home, alone. Am sorry I don’t feel like company tonight

Four months later

He: come on, admit it. My idea was super and you still thought the jerk had a better idea. Are you doing him?
She: will you stop it. And don’t you dare to talk to me like this
He: aww, drop the boss act babe. Remember I am your best buddy who has a right to know what’s happening in your life?
She: so that I can be discussed at the lunch table tomorrow?
He: if you stepped out of your ivory tower and joined us for lunch, you’d know we have more interesting things to talk about

Six months later
She: ok so it’s done. Honest to god, I tried. But I am not the sole decision maker around here
He: you really are enjoying this, aren’t you? Telling the world that I am a jerk and you know it all
She: where did that come from? And why would I want to do that?
He: coz I treat you like a human being and not a demi goddess. And reality bites honey!!!!
She: it does? So maybe it’s time you got real. And faced the truth. You are mediocre and not because you lack talent. Only due to the fact that you are lazy
He: Gosh! And I actually thought you were a friend?

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