Saturday, August 23, 2008

Govinda ala re

Under normal circumstances I would have been irritated
How many times can someone listen to “govinda ala re”
Dahi handi led to dimaag ka dahi
But something has changed
Maybe my attitude has…
Forced confinement in a flat
No pressure of deadlines
No cursing traffic jams I can do nothing about
No need to make polite conversations with people I want to kill
I actually rediscovered stuff I had buried somewhere far away
And am loving spending time with this long forgotten friend
Feeling the warmth in a stranger’s voice
And trusting him
And not assuming that there must be a hidden agenda
Love the fact that I can read a book and get lost in it
Not multitasking to get nothing done
Listening to music that I love
Losing myself in the mood
Actually listening to people when they speak
Enjoying the story my mom has repeated a hundred times
Getting to know how life was for my maid in her native village
Returning calls, which I meant to ages ago.
Making peace with myself
Forgiving people who caused me pain
Crying over loses I had no time to mourn
Willing to welcome life again…

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