Friday, September 12, 2008

Shyam babu

Shyam’s green checked shirt is matching the green scorpio he is cleaning. He is in a good mood this morning. Better than he has been in ages.
When the alarm went off this morning he turned in his sleep and his hand felt the warmth of neeta’s waist.
He nuzzled into her neck and paused. Waiting for her to snap or push him away…
She did nothing of the sort, she held him close and sort out his lips. She hadn’t done this in years. Shyam wanted her like he hadn’t in years.
She suddenly felt like his old neeta, his neeta of ten years ago. Not like the screaming, hysterical woman she had become…the woman he was afraid of, who only yelled and never spoke. Who worked so hard that he felt guilty even asking her to smile…
“neeeeeeta” his mother’s shrill voice tore the early morning calm. The moment was gone forever. Neeta would push him away brusquely and vanish.
She did not, instead she got up at her own pace, almost regally, smiled like she did when she was 16. He looked at her dumbfounded as she stood up. She was the most beautiful woman to have walked the earth.
Still wearing her awesome smile, she ruffled his hair and whispered I love you and glided out of the room…
Shyam felt six feet tall and superior to every man in the world. Right now he could take on the world.

The green scorpio had never shone so bright