Saturday, November 15, 2008


After watching a host of interesting productions at the just concluded prithvi theatre festival, I realized that Giribala was a play I truly enjoyed. After ages, drama, music and dance were so seamlessly interwoven that it actually took me into another space.
While discussing it after the show, at the prithvi café, I was just about coming back to terra ferma when I spotted the actress who played the main protagonist. Dressed in a simple salwar kameez and floaters. Absolutely normal.
Yet the image of her, who I had seen a few minutes ago, looking ethereal and capable of stirring such strong emotions in me, being so human was disconcerting. I know it’s not logical but I wish I hadn’t seen it.

I don’t think it’s just me but I can speak for myself. Sometimes the images, the magic in our mind should be allowed to stay.
This is why I would prefer behaving ostrich like, but not see the seamier side of some things…or people.

Maybe it’s unfair, it’s putting undue pressure, maybe they don’t even care, but there are some people who are meant to stay true to their talent and not do trashy commercial stuff. (In the current scenario, swanand kirkire and manav kaul are two people who I hope do not “compromise”)
Or couples who are meant to be together and never split…
And creative people I admire, not showing me their feet of clay.

In this age of everything be so instant and measurable, our imagination seems to be taking a beating far too often.
Where is the time to imagine a better situation, let alone do something to create it.
Sure, we communicate with a lot more people than we used to but how much do we know about them really, or care…
Everyone is checking out their options and moving on all the time but maybe if you let something breathe for a bit, it could have worked out just right

Which is why I still believe, that great love stories can happen between people who have never met

Or places that exist only in your head are as real as the ones on the map

Or that you can know a writer, a painter, a filmmaker or a musician, very closely without ever meeting them in any real time or space

Which is why, I guess, I will always avoid:
Going anywhere close to the beach, the morning after the ganpati visarjan.
Ever listening to remixed ghazals
People who say santa claus is not for real!

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