Friday, November 28, 2008

Shaken and stirred

It happened on a Wednesday… and refuses to end. There isn’t a person in this city who is not reeling under the shock. Degrees vary but the anger, rage and sheer helplessness is being felt by all.
From the vegetable vendor to the CEO and his ilk everybody is not being able to think straight. Despite trying.
After ages it has managed to get the right TG thinking as well.
People who are not part of the swish set who dine at 5 stars regularly but the kind who do drop in occasionally, who have had some great times at Leos, watched films at Metro And taken the train back home from VT.
People like us.
Who have stayed up all night and the next day glued to news channels. Then felt the need to see something mindless. And instantly felt guilty.
Something needs to be done. Sure everyone is saying that. Yet the question remains, what can we do?
Lots of people have gone across and donated blood, which is great. Am not so sure how lighting a candle in your window helps.
I am as clueless as you, maybe more, but a few things that I do feel each of us can do is:
Do not spread rumours. If someone somewhere heard about some firing panic will not help. Ask the right people and pass on the accurate information.
Stop falling for the lies politicians tell. Whatever the party.
Be more alert and aware of what’s going on around you. If you see someone or something that gets you suspicious, make that call. Call the cops, call a news channel, a radio station, a newspaper and pass the information on.
It may amount to nothing but it is seriously worth the effort.
If we can get together and demand something from the government it must be better wages for the police. Like we just saw, many an officer and a gentleman.
Point out security lapses wherever you feel they are lacking. Be it your office, a mall or a 5 star hotel. Your safety is primarily your responsibility.
There is no point being rude and impatient with security personnel. It may not amount to much but it is not a waste of time.
And each time you feel it is a farce, protest. Raise a stink.
Tell your kids, kids you know, your help at home and everyone who you believe needs to be told, that terrorists have no religion. An eye for an eye does make the whole world blind.
Yet the solution does not lie in turning a blind eye.
So please come up with sane, do-able ideas and suggestions that we can implement now.

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