Monday, December 1, 2008

The Healing

I know I am among the large mass in my city who are feeling lost, angry and helpless. I don’t feel normal and don’t want to. I know there are friends and people who are doing some wonderful lofty things to change the situation. I am with them. Yet there is something else I have to do.
I know that there is a fear in me that wasn’t there last week.
I don’t know if I would call it fear, maybe just an awareness of how fragile and impermanent things are.
Everything. At most times I am open to change, have suffered setbacks, like all of us and never let them get me down for too long.
This time it’s different. It’s like I want to make peace with myself. Make amends; say sorry, show I care. Before it’s too late…
Am not being pessimistic, just realistic. In a positive way. I know terrorism has no easy solution and is a reality for us.
Let’s face it, in real life most of us have no time to think. We are so busy building our lives and careers. Giving our chosen vocation our 100%. Trying to maintain a work life balance, a healthy bank balance, get the better home, car, home theatre and I don’t think anyone should grudge us that. Or that we are contributing to the booming economy.
It’s only that I now feel like I have to make time. Or rather get more selfish about my time. Stop doing stuff I really don’t want to.
Instead use that time with my family, doing the fun stuff we used to do together, when you had a life.
Stop postponing meeting them and expect them to understand.
Hang out with friends who matter. Tell them how much you care.
Tell your partner how special he/she is. Everyday.
I know that’s a tough one but life isn’t supposed to be easy, right?
Make time for yourself.
Doing things that please you.
Read the books you’re constantly buying.
Travel to the places you’ve been wanting to go to.
Learn the new thing you have been meaning to. Now is the time.
Do your bit for society that you keep postponing.
I will do that.
And stop getting worked up on things that are really not so important.
Not crib about the traffic but use that time to call a pal
Stop getting so caught up in my work and my likes and dislikes
And just think about what others are saying
Or trying to say before you brush them off
I hope and pray that none of us has to face a terrorist attack or lose someone to it, but this is a change I wish to make so that there is some more peace and happiness that I can spread.
So if the wake up call had to be so harsh, so be it….

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