Monday, November 24, 2008

The Moody Blues

While picking up a hugely overpriced essential oil that was said to be a mood enhancer, I so totally cracked up.
Guess what? It got me in a great mood.
It’s actually true that when you wake up in a bad mood and let it persist, it can ruin your entire day.
Your adorable 2 year old can seem like a brat and make you wonder why you ever had him.
The number of cars on the road would have increased a thousand fold
The guy on the radio would get on your nerves
The cop who caught you jumping a signal was born only to torture you
And the weather in the world was getting worse, what does God think he is doing
Am sure you get the drift.
From God to the government to the vamp you call your friend, everyone seems to be conspiring against you.
Nothing seems right. You know you are being unreasonable but can’t seem to do anything about it.
At this point the person who asks any woman if she is PMSing deserves to be killed.
Why does everyone want to know the reason why you are so crabby
Besides if you knew why wouldn’t you do something to get the mood back in shape.
It’s so totally frustrating.
The colleague you loved flirting with seems like a pile on.
An innocent remark made by someone gets you mad
That’s when you wonder if you are feeling like this because you ate carbs at dinner last night
Or maybe it was that cigarette you had before yoga this morning
Or because it’s the 26th which adds up to number 8 which is bad for you
Maybe it’s time you really did see a shrink
Yet there are other things that work
Well they work for me, try it
It’s tough but sometimes pushing yourself to do it makes all the difference.
Do the Herculean task of plonking yourself in front of the tv
Trust me something mindless will catch your attention and make you realize that the women in the soaps have far larger problems.
Spend 10 minutes looking for your favourite CD and turn up the volume
Good music draws you into itself and moods can be elevated instantly
Everyone has this one trigger that works
Every time, time after time
For some it’s working out
Or cooking. Wow the matter paneer I made elevated my spirits instantaneously.
Or playing with your pet
Or sex.
Or going for a long drive. Though that could be wishful thinking in this city.
Whatever it is that works for you, do it
And only you know what it is
No yellow walls or therapy classes can tell you
Even when the weather is supposed to make you sad
Even when your partner is provoking you to no end
You can chose to not feel the mood nahi hai mood…

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