Tuesday, January 6, 2015

some more made up words!

1. wollies: work sillies. People who are so silly at work, not like funny silly but irritating silly. All of us know the kind and NEVER keep in touch with them, once either of us quits the place. What I do not get is the desperate need to make everyone laugh all the time…and not get that they are laughing at you not with you! The most irritating kind include people who scream, not talk, the one’s cracking sexist jokes and of course the kind who wolf down your lunch and think they are being “cute”. Maybe they should be forced to watch cctv footage of themselves with the volume pumped up! 2. Frelibrity- a celebrity who seems like a friend. Not because you know them or have met them…but because you like them and follow them on social media. Movie stars, musicians, designers, politicians and sports persons everyone is now sharing and how! So while some may prefer the mystique and up there feel that celebs had, the truth is those times are gone. So how can everyone not have an opinion on a celebrity when they share more than your real life friends probably do! I am defensive about my frelibrities and would love to pull yours down. Welcome 2015

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