Thursday, April 24, 2008

living in disneyland

Can one get bored in Switzerland? Well it’s happened to me.
A couple of months ago and that’s when I wrote this….
At some level it seems so bloody perfect. Ok so we are not ready to accept something like that and look for the loop holes
In our case we are both crazy about each other, the chemistry is overwhelming
Yet we know its not going to last
Just waiting to see how it ends!
We spend some great time together, make each other laugh, genuinely care, the works
Yet both of us know that something is missing
The other one is not “the” one
So why are we still doing time together?
Coz we’re good friends? I think both of us have great friends who have been around for years and don’t need any more
Is it only physical? Maybe, but we wouldn’t admit that, come on we’re more than just f*%k buddies!
Something says enjoy the moment and to hell with the future
Do other people go through this as well?
It’s like watching a great film and yet knowing it’s a movie and will end soon
Then the harsh realities of waiting in the basement to get your car out
Yet we don’t want to let go
Till one of us finds the right one
Will it be hard on the other? Will we be friends after that?
Don’t want to actually get there
Till then we continue to enjoy Disneyland….and always remember that nobody lives there

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