Thursday, April 24, 2008

nothing moves till you dont

I tried it for a day and it was so much fun! Just telling everyone and everything to go take a walk and do exactly what I wanted to. Strange, is what I felt in the morning, never done this kind of thing before. From singing loudly in the shower to telling the guy who called to sell you a credit card that you think strawberry ice cream is the best cure for a hangover. It was such fun. At work it was…eh..tough.Doodling through yet another meeting was just not working. Taking a deep breath, told Mr. Know It All, that his plan would never work. Deafening silence. Didn’t think I would ever be able to talk without choking. It’s only for a day, do it said the faint inner voice. Like the well dressed guys in the movies, I stood up and said what I thought would work. By the end of it, don’t know why I could see pink slips flying all over the room. They were saying something and it didn’t sound like English. Seventeen minutes in the washroom and I felt like a rock star. It took that long to stop seeing stars, silly. I loved this new game. Didn’t make excuses and actually told someone that I did not want to have lunch with them today. The look on the face was priceless! Put my point of view across on all the mails, sms and calls that took place for the next couple of hours. The strangest reaction I got was from a colleague in Delhi, who wanted to know if it’s my birthday. In some ways it was I guess. But still trying to figure that one, is it because are allowed to do what they like on their birthdays? No one wants to stop you on that day. Then I want a birthday everyday! Doing things my way was a revelation that I loved. Next I called the friend I had been meaning to…for the last two years. It was scary. I had to say sorry and wanted to try it the day I had this new found confidence. Being speechless on an international call felt strange. Between sobs and giggles we were two happy souls. You never have so many friends that you can afford to lose one. The rest of the evening was even better, told a guy I barely knew that we must meet up for coffee, told my aunt how if she left the world tomorrow the characters in her life consuming soaps, wouldn’t care. Stayed up all night reading my half abandoned book. Ate maggi noodles after telling my mom that it was dinner. This was so liberating. Doing things instead of just wanting to do them.


riya said...

hey! you mean people don't do this sort of stuff normally??? :-) For me, thats the revelation!!!! ha ha ha.

shifa said...

ya riya
why do you think most people dont have as much fun as u do!