Friday, May 2, 2008

background badlo

It never happens like the movies
Why do the major events in our life come at a moment least expected
Major events, as in the knowing of something major
Sure a wedding happens on a specific date or you win an award on the day decided but the moment is actually when someone proposes or you get to know you may win the award. That’s the big one. And it will happen at a time when your thinking of something really mundane like I hope we don’t have to eat cabbage again tonight or your thinking of how you should tell your driver to start using deo and- whoom! The all important call comes
Or even when it’s bad news. A normal day and suddenly you’re told that you can’t live the same life anymore
What’s even more amazing and shocks me each time is how easily the moment passes by. Your logical part takes over. Preparations and plans. Whether it’s a divorce or a marriage. A birth or a funeral.
And even in your best or worst times after the first ten minutes you again want to know the cricket score or how so and so reacted to the news
Is it resilience or self preservation? Or just that if our moments were as dramatic how would the books and movies sell?
I think it’s the lack of the background score that makes our moments mundane….


Farooq said...

Sifa u absolutely right that everything is always unexpected u never know what u have in store be it happiness or sadness

shifa said...

komal said...
I agree the big things always happen when you are absorbed in the smaller stuff but i don't think it lasts but a few minutes. Yes, practicality beckons, plans take shape, life takes over but the moment is embedded in your subconscience for time immemorial - to enjoy at your leisure or grieve/accept when you're finally ready, which, in some cases, may be never. To alter you in ways so subtle it would take a microscope to detect them, if at all...

rahat said...

shifa you are a good story teller why donot you start writing for movies and yes i like your sensetive style of presentation of your thoughts keep writing