Friday, May 23, 2008


You know what I like, the relationships you build without words
Sure in a close relationship it’s possible. A mother knowing from the way a child pauses on the phone, what exactly is playing on their mind.
Or a woman being able to hear the anger in her man’s footsteps as he walks in.
What is fascinating to me, is the creation of some great relationships, solely on a mental connect that very seldom needs words.
Beyond the kinship of sympathy that people feel in a dentist’s waiting room or on an airplane when you see someone reading a book you’ve just read.
It could be bonding with a rank stranger at a traffic signal. Like you know the person from somewhere.
Maybe another lifetime.
You may never meet again but you will smile thinking about that fleeting interaction whenever you cross that place.
Or someone you barely know, but are very fond of, getting it even when you speak in riddles
That’s the kind of stuff I like.
Someone who has recently become a friend, actually you’re not even sure of that, till they can sense your mood on a seemingly meaningless sms exchange.
I know straight speak works well but I still like this as much. If not more….
Someone you meet at a friend’s place once and you just know that you guys will be close for a long long time
Or someone you met on the beach and a few words later enjoyed a glorious sunset with.
I still believe in these meetings
I still hold them dear
I do believe you can talk to someone for years and barely know them
I still remember the woman bawling in a coffee shop loo because her husband had been awful in public a few minutes ago. And just holding her hand for a few seconds was something neither of us will forget
I actually do believe that silence speaks much louder than words


adita said...

really like this one:) moments felt in the absence of words are everlasting.. where words once spoken have a shelf life--- we shelve them into one compartment of our memory:) good one shifa...

Palash said...

i love this one

lazy lovers said...

visited your blog for the first time and this post compelled me to comment...

your last sentence did not make any sense to me ...

anyways i guess it's a perceptional difference...

keep posting
u ve a new reader :)