Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It’s kind of strange

Isn’t it actually? Whether it’s the child killed in noida or whether shahid is really seeing sania. Why is it so important to the entire nation?
Sure for some people the colour of a movie star’s briefs is earth shattering news. For others the amount a cricketer makes on an IPL match is dinner time conversation.
Why are we so obsessed with the lives of people we have never met and probably never will?
Why will the nation genuinely weep the next time sanjay dutt goes to jail or a prince like waif falls into a pit?
Could it be because talking about things that genuinely concern as a family or a couple are too painful to bring up?
Talking about others is somehow safer
Why is it so difficult to think about yourself, when you are by yourself
Why is it so important to fill that space with others.
Others who don’t know or care if you exist
But you will follow their day in the papers, on radio, on tv, on the net
Even if it’s information that you already have
You know what, Britney Spear’s kids will do fine without your sympathy
But yours probably have something to share, if you ask….

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