Wednesday, May 14, 2008


She- he hasn’t called
Me- maybe he’s busy
She- ya right, for the last 48 hours?
Me- so you call him
She- don’t be silly, I did that last time as well
Me- so forget him
She- Excuse me. Give me a practical solution
Me- get a life, give the guy a break. Maybe he is not that into you
She- (sounding hurt) you really think so?
Me- babes, when will you learn to stop giving this guy this kind of power over you?
She- that’s not true, did I even mention him once throughout the film last night?
Me- wow, thank you. So now consider him history. 10 minutes of raving and ranting and then I don’t want you mentioning him again. Right?
She- and what if he genuinely has a problem? Like he’s ill or fired
Me- or he is texting his next target? Or ordering flowers for the dumb blonde he met on the aircraft?
She- that was years ago. And you don’t know him so stop saying such stuff about him
Me-so what do you want me to do??????
She- just hear me out
Me- okkkkk. Shoot
She- eh…what he turns out to be like that jerk you were seeing last summer?
Me- awright, NOW we’re talking!

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