Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After the horror of something like a bomb blast or an earthquake sets in, I don’t know why he always comes to my mind
The man who walked away into the sunset….without saying why
Am sure you know what I am talking about
In this case it was someone I thought was special
Sometimes it’s a school pal, a neighbour or an ex colleague
Who you were genuinely fond of
And they moved on
Without a forwarding address or a goodbye
Of course life moves on
And the memory fades
But never goes away
A tune, a place, a smell
Anything can bring all those memories rushing back
And a teeny weeny twinge of regret
And I wonder
Where is he…
Is he still as witty?
Does he still have that disarming smile?
Did he become who he wanted to?
Is he still single?
Does he still have his coffee black?
Does he ever think about me?
Is it fondly or not?
Does he hope to ever meet again?
Before a nameless bullet finds either one of us
And no one can tell if he was the “innocent bystander”

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