Wednesday, April 2, 2008

visual words

squeaky clean. just love the term. On a wednesday afternoon, dont know why, but i need to think of all the words and phrases that create pictures or sounds.

church bells, piping hot, jingle bells, resounding slap, baby pink, red hot. Something could be called hot but the minute you hear red hot, you know exactly what’s being spoken about.
That’s the magic I love. cool breeze and green grass do things, maybe not as much as a languid gaze or a pregnant pause, but they can be felt.
Every language has it, can recall a few in hindi, punjabi and urdu. Loads in mumbaiya hindi. Love all of them.
As you read this and a few more come up, like popping phrases, pls send me posts.
Maybe a talking movie or a book you can watch would emerge!

1 comment:

riya said...

Gurgling baby. growling tummy. Singing brook. A round of rummy.

Dash of pepper. Splash of pink. Loud colours. Can't hear me think.

Crackling branches, rustling leaves.
Burning eyes, pirouetting trees.