Tuesday, July 15, 2008

baby steps

Whether it’s a lottery you win or a terminal illness you contract all it takes is a month to get used to the situation. I read this yesterday and it set me thinking. Just look around, almost everyone has made peace with their situation and go about their lives thinking this is as good as it gets. Crib, moan, complain but do nothing to change the situation. Continue being stuck in a job that gives no joy, just a pay check. In a marriage where you are miserable but you have the false sense of security that my partner will take care of me when there is a crisis. Do things mindlessly because everyone is doing it. Whether it’s socializing with relatives you don’t like, going to parties that bore the hell out of you or go to the funeral of someone you didn’t particularly like.
And then blame. Blame god, your family, your spouse, your boss, the government, fate, the bush regime, your zodiac sign or the black cat that crossed your path.
Getting out of the comfort zone is tough. Very tough. If you don’t let other’s take all the decisions for you how will you function? And more importantly who will you blame when things go wrong???
Try it, taking responsibility for your own happiness, even in the smallest of matters is such fun
I am trying….

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