Monday, July 14, 2008

Control freaks

Losing control is perhaps most people’s biggest fear
Losing control over one’s physical being must be awful
Depending on people for the smallest thing is scary
A few days of being restricted at home has given me a taste
And realized that having control over your mind is the trick
Wallow in self pity or use the time to learn new things, the choice is yours
Yet at most times we get our only high from things outside our control
The job that gets you the accolades and the fat pay check
And when you lose that it does feel like you have lost all
The relationship where you call the shots. The partner who is so dependent on you.
What happens when they walk out?
Am sure you don’t even want to get there
The dream home that contains everything that money can buy
And you lose it to the tsunami that is illogical
The car, the blackberry that is your life line, the maid who keeps you going
Isn’t the thought of losing any of this daunting?
But it happens
And when you least expect it
Which is why it’s imperative that you make friends with your mind
The one which is in your control
And helps you remember that what you have inside you is much bigger than everything outside…

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Pratz said...

aap na bas mera blog hi mat padho!