Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gets my goat

Ok so I want to list my peeves, I hope you identify with some
Ø People who call and then go into the “aur kya ho raha hai” mode
Ø People who make films only to impress their friends
Ø Unexpected expenses that land up just when you thought you could save
Ø Indians who get an accent by going to the airport
Ø Friends who don’t get it and you cant put everything in the largest font size
Ø Fashion slaves, stop! Look at the mirror or ask your mom for her opinion
Ø People who watch soaps and if that’s not bad enough they want to talk about it
Ø Emotional blackmail via messages or mails I have to forward to be blessed
Ø Gifts that I don’t like but cant chuck either. Next time please ask me what I want
Ø People who talk about the good old times and only about that
Ø Sugar free chocolates that are not fat free
Ø The stock exchange that has mood swings worst than mine
Ø Men who don’t get it that you want to be just friends
Ø Cheats. Specially the vendors who “forget” to calculate
Ø The stupid ad on tv that says have a happy period. Ya right!

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